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Not to totally derail the thread, but you say it's a common misconception, and I have to think, IMO, that the reason this belief is generally held is because this is what the scientific community is apparently telling us, from what I've been able to gather from all of the contradictory statements I hear from those supposedly knowledgeable about this area of science.
I know. The situation is made all the worse that it's a misconception held by many scientists.

As far as I'm able to perceive, the scientific community absolutely believes that time dilation due to relativistic velocities means that these are not illusory at all -- those people spending all that government grant money are actually telling us that it is real, and they even take it a step further and claim that actual time travel to the past is also possible, basing those claims on the same fundamental theories and equations.
And they will be credible to speak on those subjects if and when they derive a working time machine and/or relativistic spacecraft based on those equations. Until then, the mathematics are easy enough to analyze, and on closer inspection, they do not bear out the more fanciful claims of physicists.

Are you saying the scientific community that has been pushing that for years hasn't really been saying they believe in that stuff?
It's sort of a scientific old wives tale, something people -- even scientists -- tend to accept because they've heard it so many times and they've been told it's true. It's not like they've ever bothered to check; it's not like they ever had a REASON to check.

Put it this way: sixty years from now, filmed on a space station, the broadcast of "Mythbusters: Einstein Special" will shut down the physics departments of every university on Earth for a solid fifty eight minutes.
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