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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Aside from TWOK, I recall reading that the rest of the films were just being upressed for the Blu-Rays (from the Special Edition DVD's), so it's no wonder the Blu-Rays don't have the same level of detail as TWOK or the 2009 movie. I wouldn't be surprised if, when Paramount transferred the films back in the early-2000's for the Special Edition DVD's, they were only transferring them so that they looked good in Broadcast 720 HD, or on the home video front, 480p.
Well, Paramount didn't have to upres the HD masters they used for those Blu-rays (they already had 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution even though they were from older telecines)... as I said, you can see clips of them untouched by DNR on the various new HD special features on each movie's disc.
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