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Re: The TNG Quiz

Mr_Homn wrote: View Post
Beverly also wore red in All good things...
Ah yes, I had forgotten that one!

Ti-BOO!-rius wrote: View Post
I'm pretty sure there was someone who did it. But the name escapes me. I think it might be a particular actor rather than a character...
You shouldn't have said "character" in the question then. But even still, like Mr_Homn said, unless you're thinking of just some background extra, you seem to be mistaken.

Ti-BOO!-rius wrote: View Post
lol, I suppose that's what I get for asking you guys to help me figure it out!
But we did help you to figure it out. The answer is none of them.

So what's the deal now? Do you ask a new question or does one of us go?
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