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Re: Beauty and the Beast is Awful.

Ian Keldon wrote: View Post
Is there anything you don't cynically troll?
He's not trolling anything, and he likes plenty of new shows and films, it's just that, as with anything, most of them are crap. I, for one, am grateful to Guy for serving as our canary in a coal mine for shitty Fall TV shows (especially the ones I didn't bother to check out myself). Plus, even if you disagree with his opinion on the show, he helpfully starts a thread to discuss it which probably wouldn't have been started without him for a lot of the more obscure series, and he discusses it in his amusing, offbeat way.

Unfortunately, since I was a fan of the original Beauty and Beast series, I decided to give this one a chance despite how bad it looked, so Guy wasn't able to take the bullet for me on this one, and I took a full on gut-shot with a painful 42-minute slide toward inevitable death as the bile built up inside me. It was a godawful show, is the basic point I'm trying to convey there. I'd agree with the "F" grade posted above.

First of all, if you're gonna do a show about a beast, commit to it. Don't get some male model, give him a scar that just makes him look like a slightly mysterious soap opera character who's probably someone's evil twin, and then call it a day. You can't have a pretty looking beast. Ron Perlman is a scary looking dude, even without all the makeup that turned him into the love child of Chewbacca and the Cowardly Lion. Nicest guy ever, but he has a face that says "don't fuck with me." The guy in this show just makes me wonder if he's a rival of Edward and Jacob. He's hiding out simply because people might recognize him from before he faked his death, not because "Holy shit, did you see that horrifying sewer monster's face?!" Aside from when he occasionally loses control he could walk down the street without attracting much notice, except from women and gay men checking him out.

Besides that, Kristen Kreuk is gorgeous but neither a good actress or a believable NYPD detective, the rest of the cast is utterly forgettable, and the secret government lab creating barely restrained supersoldiers with genetic tampering plot might as well be called The Beast Identity or Dark Animal or any one of dozens of TV shows and movies that have followed this plot before. It would be one thing if it brought anything new or interesting to the table, but it doesn't even try.
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