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Previously in the Enterprise Avatar Contest...

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Well, then. The polls appear to have closed. Right. Places, everyone! You know the drill. Ahem...

The Episode came down to the wire, but in the end neither Gore-ac/Orac nor Zombie Redshirt/R. Star could pull away. So instead they both won. Meanwhile, Beautiful and Terrible/HopefulRomantic and Jinxed/JiNX-01 tied for second place.

The ENT Theme was a bit more decisive, as Yours Truly/Mesa Truly ran away with it (or maybe everyone else was running away from icky time-displaced Daniels ). We had another draw for second place, however, this time between Jinxed/JiNX-01 and rabid bat/jespah.

Finally, Jinxed/JiNX-01 proved that chocolate is better than anything else in the Random theme. Gore-ac/Orac came in a close second place with some delicious cheesecake. Apparently dessert is everyone's favorite food.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and congrats to my fellow winners and the runners-up.

For our next episode I've decided on "Impulse." in keeping with the Halloween season.

Our ENT theme, as chosen by Jar Jar Binks is Scary Stuff, episodes or scenes with a scary bent to them.

And for our Random theme, Jinxed has chosen Autumn (no trees! too easy).

The entry thread will be open for four or five days, depending on interest.

Enter now!
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