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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

Enterprise Season 1 I found was better in the books than on TV. I read the novelizations of "Broken Bow" and "Shockwave" years before I saw them on the DVD sets, and I couldn't believe the amount of garbage that was on the screen. I kept wondering how anyone could've approved the episodes.

Plus the books that take place in between the two episodes are a lot more interesting than the actual episodes. I'll take "By The Book" over "Shuttlepod One" any day!!! I would actually say that "Shuttlepod One" was the 'jumping the shark' episode for Enterprise...a whole episode about two guys being stranded in a shuttle and talking about nothing more than who has the better rear end...some one definitely took leave of their senses.

Pilot wise, I would say that Enterprise was in last spot.
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