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The problem with TNG in general is that the technology became so much better and more infallible that the risk of space travel was almost completely lost. Shuttles not only got warp, but weapons systems, shields, mini transporters, and even bunks. They just became miniature starships, and it just was the wrong direction to go.
It was 78 years later, though, so I would expect technological progression, refinements, and further development of things -- especially when you have the combined knowledge of the many technologically advanced worlds of the Federation. These seem like reasonable advances three quarters of a century hence from TOS. As far as bunks, I can't really see how these would be unreasonable in any Trek era. NASA's shuttles have bunks. The Galileo 7 didn't have bunks, but that's only one shuttle from one starship. Surely the Federation has had need in the past for small, short range craft for movement of a number of people requiring bunks, at least at some point.

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Seriously, though, that's a common misconception. Strictly speaking, the relativistic effects only apply while you are traveling at high speed, and even then only from the perspective of an outside observer. Those effects disappear and turn out to be illusory after you decelerate.
Not to totally derail the thread, but you say it's a common misconception, and I have to think, IMO, that the reason this belief is generally held is because this is what the scientific community is apparently telling us, from what I've been able to gather from all of the contradictory statements I hear from those supposedly knowledgeable about this area of science.

As far as I'm able to perceive, the scientific community absolutely believes that time dilation due to relativistic velocities means that these are not illusory at all -- those people spending all that government grant money are actually telling us that it is real, and they even take it a step further and claim that actual time travel to the past is also possible, basing those claims on the same fundamental theories and equations.

For myself, I don't buy any of the stuff about time dilation, twin paradoxes, time travel to the past, skipping over time to the future, or even that "time" is some physical dimension. Are you saying the scientific community that has been pushing that for years hasn't really been saying they believe in that stuff?

Just curious, cuz now I'm confused.
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