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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

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I'm partway through Warriors of the Deep; so far it's at least as good as I remember it.
...which is a polite way of saying...not very good. The nuanced, multi-dimensional beings of Hulke's episodes are gone, and it's one of the very, very few classic Who episodes where the production values are so poor I actually notice them. The one very much leads to the other.

Definitely not a patch on either of the serials that led to it.
Yeah, it's a pretty terrible story. But then, it was in the midst of a pretty dismal era of the series generally. This is certainly one of Turlough's most grating stories. Especially at the end of Part 1 when he immediately writes off the Doctor as having drowned to death when he's barely been in the water long enough to get his hair wet.

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Robot (Fourth Doctor).

An interesting start for the Fourth Doctor but I think it borrows too heavily from Asimov. A robot with emotions story tends to grate on me quickly. I did however enjoy the twist of Professor Kettlewell being the founder of SRS.

The Ark in Space (Fourth Doctor).

Another well written story and the first real outerspace adventure since Frontier in Space. The Wirms were somewhat hokey but I liked the idea of people being used as incubators, a precursor to Alien.
I found Professor Kettlewell's heel-turn even more surprising after he had already played the kindly Professor Watkins in "The Invasion." You just can't imagine that actor ever wanting to hurt a fly.

And I definately think "The Ark in Space" is an archetypal example of classic Doctor Who at its best. And I think the Doctor/Sarah Jane/Harry triad is a very underrated TARDIS team. Once Harry left, I found the interactions between the Doctor & Sarah Jane far less interesting.

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I've seen every available Second Doctor serial now except The Invasion and The Krotons.
Ooh! "The Invasion" is my all-time favorite story of any era. Between the 2nd Doctor, Jamie, Zoe, the Brigadier, the introduction of UNIT, and the excellent Tobias Vaughn as the villain, it simply hits on all cylinders. Plus, the animated reconstructions of Parts 1 & 4 are very well done, with a stylish noir feel that almost eclipses the episodes the still exist.
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