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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

A lot of people either don't know the 5km rule or worse, mistakenly thinking all ships must be 5km away from Donatra. Either way, most groups end up circling around her ship and are forced to attack all shield facings. The truth is, Donatra only cloaks when she gets within 5km of her single aggro target.

Really good groups that know the actual 5km will have one Cruiser with high Threat Control designated as Main Tank (usually abbreviated to MT). The MT's role is to establish aggro and kite Donatra. The rest of the group will wait a few seconds before following Donatra and as a group whack on her rear shield. Typically it takes no more than 1 minute to take down Donatra using this tactic and the best I have seen can take her down in 20-30 seconds.
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