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Re: Beauty and the Beast is Awful.

I watched the 80s pilot last night. I had to laugh at the production values but yes, they could all act, and plenty of shit was always going on so you weren't completely sure of your opinion...

And in that precursor Catherine (Same names, it's an actual remake not a passing rip off, some poor bastard bought the rights to the original before putting this shit together.) ...But the hilarious thing is that the scar they had Linda Hamilton "wear" in the original (hidden by her haircut 99 percent of the time.) is far worse than the scar on this new Beast kid.

If you want to see something truly horrific.

3,2,1 frankie goes boom

Where Ron "The Beast from the 80s, and today's Hellboy" Pearlman is in Drag trying to seduce the shit out of his Sons of Anarky co-star Charlie Hunnam.
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