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Re: Beauty and the Beast is Awful.

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An F from the AV Club.


I see that the AV club gave Chicago fire a C+. So maybe I'll try to finish that bugger. Looking through IMDB if I want to find out what Jesse sounds like in RL, because what he was using in House is not in the least Australian, I'm going to have to fish out my Time Trax DVDs.

There's a line from Monk where the Police Chief, Captain? That guy, is having a winging fit "I used to be a detective! I used to be someone! I was going somewhere! I had a future! But do you know who I am now? I'm the guy with Adrian Monks phone number."

I can see a point where Lana can't find her Beast (that's usually a fat girls problem.) and has to create an immediate substitute to help her solve a case, by finding an unstable homeless war vet and keeping him shotup with PCP.
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