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Re: My Trek Through Enterprise: Season One

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Things were fine up until he wanted to push farther than she was willing to go and he went there anyway, and that was the violation. She never consented to that.
Yes, but "Stigma" makes pretty clear that all Vulcans know about the P'nar syndrome, so either Polly didn't ask if he had it or believed a denial without testing it, and was therefore rash either way.

In contemporary terms, she banged him without even employing a rubber, far less an STD test. The mind-violation was a serious offense, but it didn't occur until after she willingly initiated that encounter, even brushing aside his suggestion she might be going too fast.

The revelation of the syndrome retroactively establishes that she was way out of character to do that, which is another reason to consider "Stigma" a strong but non-canon ep.
Is P'Nar Syndrome communicable? I thought it was caused by the incompetence of an inexperienced Melder
, rather than melding with someone who had it?
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