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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Back to why I like PUGs. You don't get good stories out of STFs that run perfectly. I felt like a frickin' hero after that CSE, like I was that veteran ship captain that saved the day when everything was going to hell.
I got to feel a bit like that yesterday. Did KSN last night, right before I was going to bed, thinking it would be pretty quick. I thought Normal is easy enough that even with complete yahoos it wouldn't be so bad.

Boy was I wrong.

Didn't start out so bad. Got rid of the tac cube in OK time. But it quickly devolved from there. For some reason we split up 2-2-1. Right there you know it's going to be trouble. So naturally it took quite some time to get the portals taken care of; didn't make the time cut-off, but at least no probes got through, of which I made sure. I was fine with that - I have had zero luck with getting any of the bonus items lately anyways (hey, let's make a bonus everyone has to work hard together for, and then a max of only three people get something!).

I figured that once everyone was together, Donatra would be pretty simple. One of the group even had the Klingon lifetime ship. Naturally, it wouldn't be so easy, or I wouldn't be writing this. Seems no one but me even knew about the 5k rule. I told them once that became apparent, but didn't seem like anyone listened. After a couple more cloaks I told them again, and one person actually got it. Still didn't seem to help. Still weren't able to kill her until she decided to target me, which she kept up as I kited her for a few minutes (by the way, no one seemed to have anything to anchor/slow her besides tractor beams), and everyone else was able to stay far enough away and pound her.

I think it took about 40 mins in the end. Felt like the only person with half a brain in the group. I still feel like a noob a lot (why I still play normal STF), but that game I was the one with the big boy pants.

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