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And the moral of the story: don't take journalists at their word.

Any speculation on what the next SP DLC will be after Omega? They don't appear to be in any danger of slowing down and I suspect all the free MP stuff is their way of making sure they keep a good sized install base, so they must have at least one or two more of these things pencilled in.

Personally I'd like to see something that expands the Earth campaign. Even after the EC it just didn't feel right how quickly things progressed with the Reapers taking the Citadel, moving it, and the fleet just making a beeline for London. I wanted more build-up. I wanted to go aboard the Destiny Ascension (or random Asari dreadnought it it'd been destroyed) for the big pre-invasion confab. That would have been the more logical way to see all the assents you'd gained, the former squadmates, etc. before the big push.

On the other hand another lore-relevant side story like Leviathan would be just as welcome...perhaps one entitled "Emily Wong Lives!"

P.S. Am I the only one that thinks this should have been part of the main game? I mean aside from the fact that it was obviously foreshadowed and some form of it was cut out during development. It seems like it'd fit perfectly into the "taking down Cerberus" campaign, right between Sanctuary & Cronos Station. Indeed, on my first playthrough that's exactly what I expected and was mightily disappointed that it didn't happen.
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