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Well from least to most...

NCC-1701-C.... let's face it. I don't want to die.
NCC-1701-B... With Captain Incompitent? Only bright side is that I could possibly be running the place within a month.
NCC-1701... Some great adventures, great crewmates, poor living conditions.
NCC-1701-A... Same as above, though slightly improved.
NCC-1701-E... Lap of luxury and the final frontier? What's not to like save that action hero Picard is captain.
NCC-1701-D... The infamous space hotel! With great missions, and philosopher Picard as captain.
I guess this question presupposes that your appearance will create a new sequence of events/timeline. So you wouldn't necessarily be destroyed with the C or have Picard assimilated during the D's run.

Otherwise, it would be somewhat boring if you knew exactly what all or most of the major events onboard ship would be.
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