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Re: Is The Best and the Brightest contradicted by any other source?

Drago-Kazov wrote: View Post
Is it any good?
I would really llike to read it.
What if we said it was excellent and worth reading even though it had major contradictions?

It doesn't, but if you're curious, read it. I enjoyed it very much. And I have no doubt that some pf the characters will pop up one day. All it takes is for an author who is passionate about those characters and sees an opportunity to make good use of one, or some, and there you go.

I have been pleasantly surprised, over the decades, to see Ingrit Thomson and Mahase and Naraht and Lori Ciana and Moron/Bernie (as Kobry) and Pava and Moves-with-Burning-Grace and numerous other original, non canonical, characters pop up in novels written by others.
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