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Re: Explain the craze about this restaurant review.

Exactly. Not so novel for those of us who are surrounded by this, where it might even be considered mundane in the scope of daily life in a big city, but it's easy to forget that there are smaller towns that don't have access to such conveniences, so that when one does finally open, it's a big deal.

The downside to this, however, is when development companies decide it's a good idea to build clusters of big box stores. All fine if you like the convenience of your favourite chain in different cities you travel to, but I feel it removes the uniqueness a city has, if you expect the same stores and restaurants everywhere you go, and is not so great for smaller cities where the economy depends on local businesses.

I live in a medium sized city and we only have one Starbucks. A shock to many, I'm sure, but our other big national chain keeps us in good supply.
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