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Re: Doctor Who style Trek?

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Plus we have:
ē Sisko requesting a Bajoran first officer, hiring Worf, and seemingly summoning Dax to join him, though she could be a coincidence.
ē Tuvok seems to have been on Voyager because of Janeway.
ē Starfleet recruiting Riker to be captain instead of just giving him orders.
ē Shelby lobbying for Riker's job--directly implying that Picard could offer it to her.
ē Worf leaving Starfleet after DS9 and then having no trouble rejoining Picard for Nemesis
Well; I donít know about other militaries; but I can tell you that in the US; by name requests still happen, and they happen on a regular basis.

But, even with that, many people are told where to go; or the petition to be told where to go, and often can and do turn down certain aspects.

For example, if you join the US army, no one can order you to go to Airborne school; it may be the same in Starfleet for taking a command; someone may be able to turn a command down, which Riker more or less did.

Sisko requested a Bajoran officer, but he didnít request a specific person; but he did specifically request Worf.

I got the feeling Shelby was making her pitch more to the Admiral than anyone else.

In any case; I have to agree with Temis; itís not so much what they did do; or what Starfleet did; itís more should that be an area to pursue; and I think it would add a dynamic to the show, few other shows have approached; and if done right, could make the show run a lot longer, and better. Dr. Who, is the perfect example there, it keeps on going and going and going, because the cast never gets old.
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