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Re: Is Wrath of Khan Overrated

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As to the OP; yes, I think TWOK is over rated. I was one of the few who exited the theater disappointed after my initial viewing. I wasn't impressed with the "galleons in space" star ship combat. I was particularly bothered by the "submarine" sequence when the Enterprise surfaced astern of Reliant.
Why would you be dissappointed by clever use of tactics? Everything that happened had a logical story rationale for happening, and Kirk displayed some terrific original thinking.

I had felt the writing was hammy and the film took itself far to seriously.
Because a madman with a planet-destroying WMD is the perfect excuse to crack jokes or throw a musical number...

Though moved by Spock's death scene, I commented to my FASA Trek gaming group - with whom I had gone to the theater - that I didn't believe his death would be permanent; that Nimoy (of whom I have no high opinion) wouldn't turn down the money for a return engagement, which cheapened it for me.
Then you don't understand the backstage politics and personal opinions that were in play at the time. Nimoy had to be coaxed back with that death scene, and fully intended that it WAS his last involvement with Trek. He was burned out on it and ready to move on.

Thankfully (or not, depending on PoV), he had a good enough experience making the film that he elected to continue.
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