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Re: "Captain Power" to return as "Phoenix Rising"

Not a great show overall, but the plot was kind of dark for the time...humanity destroyed by robots and cyborgs and waging a partially super-powered rebellion on them. I recall loved ones lost, team members dying and so on. I also recall it had some cool cgi robots before texture mapping, but at least they moved and weren't stop motion.

Lots of potential for some up to date transhumanist commentary here, as the wiki entry suggests, though no doubt it'll probably be all be negative and evil:

The supercomputer, OverMind, required an equivalent to human brain patterns to become operational. Dr. Power's closest associate, Dr. Lyman Taggart (David Hemblen), became impatient with the slow pace of the project and hooked himself up to OverMind, using his own brain patterns to bring the supercomputer to operational status.
Both Taggart and OverMind were changed by the experience. Taggart became obsessed with the precision and "perfection" of machines and convinced himself that the next step in human evolution involved the merging of human consciousness in perfect mechanical bodies. OverMind became sentient and shared Taggart's beliefs. Using OverMind to take control of Bio-Mech armies throughout the world, Taggart launched a crusade to bring his vision to life. In mere months, the world was devastated by the Metal Wars, an apocalyptic conflict between Taggart's machine legions and the rest of humanity.
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