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Re: TOS Revisited - New Revelations

I get what you're saying, but that can happen with show that has bad episodes. The first seaosn had its share of eye-rollers. The average viewer coming in partway into Charlie X (the rec room scene) or Mudd's Women (any part of it) might change the dial to Lawrence Welk. The Alternative Factor would probably send some people into fits of laughter. Taken out of context, Kirk vs the Gorn is laughable to some people.

I really don't think the lesser episodes hurt the enjoyment of the series in the long run, there were more than enough great episodes to cement its place. I'm just having a hard time thinking one of the most popular shows in TV history could have been more well regarded than it was. It's already classic TV sci-fi. I mean, I got my parents into it in the early 70's and they weren't what you'd call sci-fi fans. Not until much later, anyway.

But hey, what do I know? I wound up loving it, warts and all. That will always color my preceptions.
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