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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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That's what it says.
So much for flying the new ship in 2 weeks and be admired by all the noobs.. they fly it, too, now.
Right, thank you for calling me a noob.
You know what I mean.
Before yesterday, encountering anyone with this ship would have meant someone to be reckoned with for sure, someone who knows this game in and out.
Even if it was a lifer, he did his time to get experience.
That is HARDLY the case, there aare plenty of early adopting Lifers that played the game for a week, quit, check in every onc and a while; but reallyn DON'T know the various changes all that well.

I know because we have a few like that in jmy Fleet who've (for example) never tried STF's etc.

BTW - I too was someone who bought an LTS the first day it was offed during the January 2010 open beta - and would have hit my 1000 day mark on Wednesday 10/10/12; and I could care less that this means other LTS folks no longer need to wait.

Since we can only use these things while the game remains online and active; if this entices more players to send the money (their choice); makes the game more profitable for Cryptic/PWE and maybe entices PWE to continue with the expansion and hiring of more developers for the ST team; it a win for the future of the game, and those of us who continue to play and enjoy one or more aspects of it.
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