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Re: What If It All Went Nu?

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You need to stop conflating TOS with TNG. Kirk got into a fight in most episodes.(Usually saving the peace and love speech for the final act) He was often rude to people he didn't like. (bureaucrats mostly) Spock and McCoy were always sniping at each other.

Of course its a different continuity, that was the point.
Agreed. The whole "Utopian" society/everybody is more evolved and civilized business is more of a TNG thing. Things were a bit rougher around the edges back on TOS's final frontier . . . .
DS9 also makes the assumption that the Federation is a paradise but does not assume that Starfleet can act like they live in paradise when they are outside it, defending it. That's the big break with TNG.

As for TOS, my take on it is that the 23rd C was less evolved overall. Capitalism or at least the notion of competition for limited resources must have still existed because there was reference to people earning paychecks and Kirk was downright frantic to get the mining operation going again on the Horta world. Plus you had space traders like Harry Mudd and Cyrano Jones always angling to make a buck.

In TVH, Kirk himself walked right in front of a fast oncoming cab, as if he didn't understand the concept of oncoming cars and traffic
He probably expected it to detect him and veer around him. Within our own lifetimes, this might become the norm. Cars will be safer once they start driving themselves.
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