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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

That it, you've nailed my point exactly! Or something... If you're just going to ignore what I say in favor of boiling it down into misrepresented talking points, why bother? Not what I said, and we both know it.

Just saying that there's a TON of things we take for granted that people used to know how to do by heart, and not a lot of people know how to do them from scratch anymore. Not that they are impossible, and not that SOME people don't still do them daily, just that they are no longer common, everyday skills. Odds of people that have these skills go down fast when you kill 90% or more of the population in the first month or two. And the survivors are going to trend towards the strong/aggressive/armed types, not the cupcake baker (unless she's being held captive by the group to feed them).

Even in the best-case scenarios being presented, it's still a huge challenge. Hell, look around your room right now. Tell me without thinking much about it where you can find wheat seed to grow. Probably eventually think of a farm supply store somewhere, although it might be a day's walk or better. You've decided this is top priority, so immediately head off, and either are ignored or otherwise lucky and don't get attacked on the way. Gotta a be a few others that thought of this, so maybe there's stuff left, maybe not. Say you grab some seeds. Now gotta get FAR away from large populations, it's going to get ugly. Next month is spent salvaging things as you head off, hopefully with a group to help protect you. Find somewhere to hide, somewhere you can defend, and even where you can plant stuff. Whether you get to work or try to find enough salvaged food to fend off starvation depends on what season it is. If it's already fall, like today, you might be in some trouble. Assume somewhere along the way you found farming implements, and maybe they've doubled as weapons. Hope you've got a decent sized group to help get the planting done, and protect you while you're doing it. Not too big, though, because it's a delicate ratio between needing the help and being able to feed yourselves. Same deal with the harvest, and it'll likely be a small yield at first as you learn what you're doing, and waste a lot between harvest and poor storage. NOW you can grind it up, figure out the yeast situation, build a wood oven, and experiment with baking. Not too bad for a loaf of bread, right? With luck, you've got other stuff to harvest as well, and are in an area where you can find stockpiles of supplies that survived the initial chaos, and with decent hunting. With a lot of luck, your small group just survived to spring. Hovered close to starvation, but might have just made it. Now you can start trying to expand, maybe build up your defenses, see about taking in some more people to help out. None of this really feels like much of a stretch...

Of course, your plan immediately calls for you to invent the steam engine again within minutes anyway, because the 2nd half of your plan requires carrying the entire New York Public Library out of town on your back otherwise. Could try to fortify the library and make it your base, but there's no farming or hunting ability handy, and 8-10 million hungry people outside that might resent your hoarding of supplies...

All of these things are documented in books, and many probably even broken down enough that you could reproduce them from scratch. Just seems to me that in this sort of situation, you're pretty much going to be limited for a while to what you have on hand, and what you can quickly salvage as you get out of dodge. Might be able to spare room for a book or two, but they better be good ones. Something like the Boy Scout handbook would probably be a much better choice in the short term than how to build a steam engine. That's a problem for 5-10 years later, when things settle down to the new 'normal', with sustainable population again.
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