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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Can't argue with the feeling, but usually in a PUG group, that feeling is just frustration, followed by failure, followed by anger that they screwed you and you have to wait an hour to try again. I'll pretty much only do the Elite STFs in a group from the, well, EliteSTF channel. Still get a dud occasionally, but 95% of the time, they know the deal, and you don't have issues. Might not always get the optional if something goes wrong, but can't remember the last time i failed one.

While I'm on it, your outlined plan (kill the generators, drop all cubes to 10%, and then kill all) isn't a very good one. Requires a lot more planning (and obeying of the plan) than you can typically pull off, unless your entire group has played together a lot and knows the drill, and can handle things solo.

By far the best CSE plan I've seen/used: 1 guy assigned to Kang babysitting. Other 4 stay together. The babysitter is in charge of going to the left and right, rushing back and forth to kill the BOPs as they come up. Timing should work nicely after the initial spawn, usually someone out of the group of 4 will kill the first right spawn while babysitter goes left.

The other 4 go to the middle cube, and kill all the generators. They are also always responsible for killing the ships that spawn at their cube, as the babysitter has his hands full rushing around. Once they've killed the generators, DON'T try to hurt the cube. Go to the right, and kill all those generators. Babysitter is now responsible for left and middle BOPs. Attack group then blows up the Right cube. They all rush to clean up the raptors that will now spawn in the center, the babysitter goes left to get that group. He may need one person to help, but should be a high-DPS TAC if possible, so probably alright solo. Once the attack group clears the Raptors, they blow the middle cube. Now all 5 can clean out the Neg'Vars that show up, and the attack group works the generators and cube while the babysitter slows down the ships as best he can (usually needs a 2nd hand somewhere along the line, unless attack group works fast). From there, someone rushes to hail Kang, and everyone else cleans up.

It's a pretty basic plan, and doesn't require a lot of communication, you're only responsible for what's right in front of you. Also doesn't require anyone to hold at around 10%, which usually results in someone saying "oops" and blows it up, or they were stupid enough to launch fighters or support ships that they can't call off. Also has the benefit of being the plan that pretty much the entire EliteSTF channel knows by heart, so everyone falls into place quickly. This is the MRRML acronym they'll throw around (Middle probes, Right probes, Right cube, Middle cube, Left all). Try it out, think you'll find it's much easier, and easier to explain and obey. Usually have about 5 minutes left on the timer, unless we got a little weaker SCI mix, or someone's having a poor spell...

I try to be around a lot, and am always up for a STF run if you want to join in and either get pointers or just have another helping hand. Early evening, East Coast time, is usually when you can find me. Usually on for a few min in the morning, but just rotating the DOFF assignments before work, usually no time to play.
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