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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

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How does something the size of the running light jeapordize the ship when the other running lights of the same size and protrusion do not?
and among the study procedures is the launching of an ion pod.
However, launching that ion pod is NOT part of any study procedures but an emergency procedure to protect the ship according to the episode. Finney was in there to take readings, not to prep it for launching. I'd argue that the pod was already attached and held away from the ship not the equivalent of an attached light enclosure which could bear no danger to the ship. If it put the ship at such risk as you suggest, Kirk would've simply turned the ship out of the storm and kept the running light-pod attached.
SPOCK: Attention, Commander Finney, report to pod for reading on ion plates.
FINNEY [OC]: Finney here, Captain. Ion readings in progress.
KIRK: Make it fast, Ben. I may have to go to Red Alert.
SHAW: Freeze that! If the court will notice, the log plainly shows the defendant's finger pressing the jettison button. The condition signal reads Yellow Alert. Not red alert, but simply Yellow Alert. When the pod containing Lieutenant Commander Finney was jettisoned, the emergency did not as yet exist.
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The idea of different timelines for different fragments of Trek is pretty silly. It's all falling apart at the seams in TOS already; no reason to make it any worse.
Then stories like "Parallels" must be silly right? TOS timelines don't fit well withing TNG and onwards, but neither does TNG's own dates either. If you want to argue about falling apart at the seams, why not address why Voyager's version of ST6 is different? Or TNG's Shroedinger Kirk problem. TNG's "Parallels" (and TOS' "Alternate Factor", "Mirror,Mirror") offer up the a simple way to reconcile the time issues and major differences between TOS and TNG onwards as simple parallel universes.

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