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Re: Doctor Who style Trek?

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The modern audience isnt going to know or care how militaries were in the olden days, but they'd know how things works nowadays in a general sense, so that's going seem right to them. But the real reason to rotate characters more is not "realism" but dramatic impact and flexibility.

It's obvious that Roddenberry modeled Star Trek on the US Navy, which he had personal experience with. Where do you think the USS Enterprise got its name?
He was in the US Army Air Forces.
And Star Trek is more modeled on the Age of Sail and Horatio Hornblower than the Army/Navy Roddenberry new in the 1960s.
So Roddenberry had no personal experience with the US Navy while serivng in the Pacific in WWII? I wonder how he managed that feat. Perhaps he used a rowboat to get around. He was certainly more familiar with the WWII era US Navy than with any entites that existed before he was born, and which he knew only from fiction and historical accounts.

And in his first draft, Roddenberry named his ship the USS Yorktown after yet another WWII aircraft carrier. Cmon, it's obvious that his military experience was a big influence on his concept of the series. The fact that he had multiple influences doesnt change that. Next, you guys will be saying that its all based on Conestoga wagons because he pitched the series as Wagon Train to the Stars.

Not that any of this is particuarly germane to the real point, which is that rotating cast members would be a more interesting and gutsy approach for a new series.

And trying to figure out the influences by looking at the content of the series itself is a lost cause because the military rules were made up based on what works best for a TV series, not because Horatio Hornblower would approve. The characters stayed on the same ship for years because TV shows are loathe to kill off main characters, because of actors' contracts and the assumption that the audience would be angry seeing their favorite characters axed. But TV has changed enough over the years that, at least on cable, the old broadcast assumptions no longer need apply.
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