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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

A quick STF story...and one that reinforces why I like to PUG, though it may not seem like it at first.

I ran CSE yesterday in my Assault Cruiser Refit and had something of an adventure.

In this STF there was no coordination in the group for taking out the cubes. First, no one was finishing off the nanite gennies, I think because they were having such difficulty dealing with the Negh'Var and Raptor that spawn after killing one of the upper level generators. The other players would just run back to the relative safety around the Kang. I started at the right, offed the gennies and the spawned ships, and moved to the next cube to help.

Once the generators were all down, this pair of players started working on the left cube, so I moved to the middle cube. When I had it down to 10%, I looked to see how they were doing, and they were gone! They had dropped back to protect the Kang with the other two players. I went back to the left cube, which was at 70%, and dropped it down to 10%, then looked again at the other players, they were all still loitering around the Kang. I don't know what they were doing. So I went and blew the left cube, then the middle cube, then attacked the middle Negh'Vars from behind while I moved to the last cube, which I was not shocked to find was in perfect health. I worked that cube down and blew it. While I moved back to help at the Kang somebody got it to evacuate the area, securing a win, and then it was carnage.

6 Negh'Vars and a few Raptors were just wiping the floor with the other players, and they had been unintentionally lured to almost right on top of the respawn point, so there was a seemingly never ending loop of near instant death--which I got caught up in after drawing aggro from a poorly timed torpedo spread and foolishly moving into the middle. After a couple deaths of my own, I reversed engines immediately upon respawning, and took a route around them to the other side, so I could pick off ships that strayed from the mob while my teammates were slaughtered.

It was brutal, but in the end, worth it, because I can only believe that the amount of work I ended up doing, needing to blow all three cubes by myself and apparently doing the bulk of the damage in killing all those Negh'Vars, was recognized by the STO gods because a prototype borg engine tech fell in my loot basket after the carrier was destroyed. This enabled me to complement my already complete Mark XII MACO space set with a complete Mark XII Omega Force space set as well.

Back to why I like PUGs. You don't get good stories out of STFs that run perfectly. I felt like a frickin' hero after that CSE, like I was that veteran ship captain that saved the day when everything was going to hell. In the beginning of First Contact, the fleet trying to stop the cube before it got to Earth...that was a PUG, a bunch of ships assembled in a rush to fight an enemy. And the Enterprise arrived in the nick of time. That's how that CSE made me feel as a player. And that's not a feeling you often get from a premade group in my experience.
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