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Re: Problem I had with "By Any Other Name"

There's a good point there. Kirk usually mentions them just moments after they die in his personal in BY ANY OTHER NAME, or Act One of FRIDAY'S CHILD. Then that's usually it. Arlene Galway died sickeningly in DEADLY YEARS, but by Act Three there's no mention of her again. And it's all smiles at the end. Oh, well, at least all the five male regulars are okay and there are no breakables in sickbay.

It's very rare for a guest crewman to make it to Act Four. Marple in THE APPLE and Kelso, Mitchell and Dehner in WHERE NO MAN HAS GONE BEFORE are the most notable exceptions to this.

My guess is that if you make it past Act One, your chances of survival grow exponentially every 15 minutes for the most part. About 60 crew died in classic TREK episodes, but we've already been through that on a previous thread.

Here's a possible eulogy for Thompson, by Mr. Scott:

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