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Re: Which one is your favorite Star Trek Movie?

1. The Wrath of Khan has always been my favourite and always well. It's got great characters and great dynamics between them and still holds up superbly IMO.
2. The Voyage Home is a close second. It was necessary to have a lighter theme to the film after the dark TWOK and TSFS but TVH is not inferior for it.
3. The Undiscovered Country is a very good piece of work and I never cease to end up in some nostalgia fit at the end.
4. First Contact is a pretty brilliant piece of film and entertainment. Great writing. I really enjoy it but I don't find the TNG cast to be as interesting or engaging as the TOS cast, which is why it's 4th. Stewart and Spiner are mint though, it has to be said.
5. The Search for Spock. In hindsight it was probably a mistake bringing Spock back into the fold, I'm sure Nicholas Meyer said similar. But purely in terms of characters and personal gratification, I'm glad they did. Good stuff.
6. The Final Frontier. It's fine. It's decent entertainment but there are obvious flaws
in the story and it doesn't look particularly great.
7. The Motion Picture. I can appreciate films with substance and a bit of patient build up but this was excessive. Needs a good quick cut and more importantly a new story. I rarely pick it up to watch as it's not really that interesting or that entertaining.
8. Generations. Quite a good watch and has some really good moments in it with the TNG crew. Kirk's death was very poorly done and I choose to erase it from my personal canon.
9. Insurrection. It's very simple which is its undoing. It would probably have been a good two parter in the series run of TNG. As a film it has little going for it though and you have to wonder what the production team saw in this in terms of potential for viewing on the big screen.
10. Star Trek 2009. In a way it's possibly a good thing that Star Trek is back and a part of the public perception but it didn't do much for me. A bit too distant from the Star Trek I love.
11. Nemesis. Can't think of any redeeming qualities. I've only watched it twice and don't intend to again.
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