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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

So having dutifully gone through Uplift I'm now on the fourth novel of Iain M. Banks' Culture books (a read I hope to top off with the recently released Hydrogen Sonata). They're... not bad, and an non-hierarchic post-scarcity super-freedom oriented interstellar culture is one with an obvious appeal for fans of, let's say, an unnamed but prolific utopian-leaning franchise.

But they're seldom as fun as they promise to be. Again not bad, solid stuff, wouldn't have read three already if I disliked it, etc.

Also somewhere in the middle of Osama by Lavie Tidhar. A private detective is hired by a woman to go hunt down an author of lurid paperbacks, works of fanciful fiction about an imaginary terrorist organization called al-Qaeda and their series of unlikely attacks.

It's not bad, though I am a sucker for this sort of thing (shades of The Man in High Castle frankly).

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Been meaning to post here for a while… since last report I’ve read Existence by David Brin, which I really enjoyed. It’s an interesting homage to Stand on Zanzibar in some ways,
I wasn't going to read this anytime soon (six Brin novels this year was quite enough thank you) but goddamn it Klaus don't tempt me with Zanzibar comparisons.

On to a little mental floss, the latest 2 books in Turtkledove’s The War that Came Early series about WWII starting in 1938 instead of 1939.
By most accounts I'm familiar with (thinking William L. Schirer here) that would have been a shorter war.
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