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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer

I have to agree here. That is important. Sometimes I look at my script and am thinking of casting, and I really DON'T have that many main roles. Here is a quick list of characters we have in "Axanar".


Tanaka, XO
Wagner, Tactical Officer (female)
Korax, Intel. Officer (female)



That is who the focus is on. That is who has the bulk of the dialogue. Now there are both secondary characters (Admiral, Chief Engineer, Pilot, Fleet Ops Officer), who we don't develop much. And there are characters we only see in one act, like Klingon ship captains (who probably die!) or red shirts (who in "Axanar" are ass kicking spec ops). But you don't get vested in them. And the canon characters you know, Soval or Sarek, Rabau, don't need much development. Except for April, who is we get who we want, will be an instant fan favorite.

So, we have basically have 6 characters (4 protagonists, 2 antagonists) who over 75 minutes or so you will come to know and hopefully love. Character development is really important and probably what gets the most attention in editing (by the talented Dave Galanter). In fact, the development of Garth was the first note I got from Marco Palmieri, the former Star Trek editor for Pocket Books, who reviewed the treatment.

I am also a very open writer. Yeah, it is my script ( I will force Dave to take a co-writing credit), but I take 90% of Dave's edits and put them in. 10% we probably discuss and make some adjustment but usually because Dave missed what i was getting at (which means I probably wasn't clear). Dave is just so damn good.

Well, that is my 2 cents.

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