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Re: Doctor Who style Trek?

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The officers were often recruited by the captain or recommended to him, along with many of what we would today call the non-commissioned officers
Which would then smack right in the face of TNG, and Picard being assigned Riker as the 1st officer.

If, it was originally based on the age of sail; by the time we hit TNG, they updated their assignment operations.
I cannot remember the episode, but didn't Picard tell Riker that he found him out of a pile of recommended first officers?

Plus we have:
  • Sisko requesting a Bajoran first officer, hiring Worf, and seemingly summoning Dax to join him, though she could be a coincidence.
  • Tuvok seems to have been on Voyager because of Janeway.
  • Starfleet recruiting Riker to be captain instead of just giving him orders.
  • Shelby lobbying for Riker's job--directly implying that Picard could offer it to her.
  • Worf leaving Starfleet after DS9 and then having no trouble rejoining Picard for Nemesis
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