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Re: 15 Reasons JJ "Ruined & Destroyed" Star Trek

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I really hope they build a decent set this outing rather than reusing the brewery.
How exactly would you explain away the blatant and drastic change the Engineering set from one movie to another? And before anyone points out that we've had several movies already where this is already the case, I preemptively call BS.

ST:TMP - Introduces the Engineering set design which will influence all future Engineering sets.
ST2 - Uses essentially the same set, but different camera angles are used and the focus is shifted from the warp core to a glass-walled side room.
ST3 - What little we see of it appears to be the same set.
ST4 - We don't see the Enterprise's Engineering set at all.
ST5 - All Scotty gets is a console in a hallway with dangerously low-hanging pipes.
ST6 - The set designers slightly re-dress the TNG engineering set. But, since we really didn't see a set last movie it's largely a moot point.

I think a major chage to a set at this point would be even more glaring than leaving it as it is. It would represent J.J. and Co. giving into the demands of a vocal minority of Star Trek fans who happen to know a lot less about set design than they do.
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