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Re: First-run syndicated television dramas from the late 80s-90s

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LOTS of memories. But you left out a few like Time Cop and Tek War.
Timecop was on ABC, unless you're thinking about Time Trax.
Yes, thank you, I meant Time Trax...sorry about the mix-up.

The TekWar TV movies were syndicated, but the series was on USA.
Was it? I don't remember seeing it on USA, in fact I'm almost certain I saw it on Sci-Fi.

This wasn't meant to be a comprehensive list, because obviously a ton of shows weren't mentioned (many of them godawful), just a refresher for anyone who watched syndicated shows back then.
While that's true, I thought the shows I mentioned deserved to be on the "short list" for the era/genre.
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