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Re: FC plothole? Why didn't the Borg create the vortex in the Delta Q?

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The Borg at war? The Borg don't appear to go to war.
Not the formal political institution, no, but of course there must be many civilizations in the galaxy that are advanced enough to fight against their encroachment in the same way that the Federation has. So call it armed resistance if you like, but it's still an obstacle they need to devote resources to overcome. Given the sheer immensity of their territory, there could be thousands of civilizations resisting them that are equal or superior to the Federation's level of technology, putting an ongoing and extensive drain on their resources.

The Borg, based on what we know, overwhelms its targets almost immediately.
Exactly. Based on what we know. What we know is biased toward the Federation's experiences. The Federation is only the tiniest fraction of an unimaginably vast galaxy. The galaxy has 400 billion stars; let's estimate there's an average of, ohh, 5 planets per star, so that's 2 trillion planets. According to ENT, one out of every 43,000 planets in the Trek galaxy hosts intelligent life, so that works out to about 47 million intelligent species across the galaxy. Say the Borg have already assimilated maybe 10 percent of the galaxy, and you've still got some 42 million different species. The Federation only represents less than 200 species. So what we see in aired Star Trek is not even remotely close to a comprehensive survey of the galaxy; it barely scratches the surface. We have to use our imagination and judgment and extrapolate beyond what we see. We do know that the Federation has encountered many races equalling or surpassing its technology, so there must be many, many more across the galaxy. It's logical, then, to conclude that many races are fighting against Borg expansion at any given time, and that at least a fair percentage of them are powerful enough to hold the Borg at bay at least for a while.

Outside of Species 8472 (or whatever is called) and perhaps the Dominion I can't envision any protracted conflicts involving the Borg against another foe if it decided to use a handful of cubes.
What about the Voth? Their territory is right next to Borg space and their technology easily matches the Borg. And surely a race like, say, the Metrons would have little difficulty dealing with them. And of course, see the numbers above. The total number of races we've seen in Trek add up to maybe a few thousandths of a percent of the galaxy as a whole. If we've seen, say, a dozen races able to hold the Borg at bay, then galaxy-wide there must be more like a million on the same level. And Borg territory is such a significant percentage of the galaxy that their frontier must intersect with at least a few hundred of those races, probably more like thousands.

What's more I thought the Borg were smart; I thought they adapted. They lost to the Federation once when sending one cube in the Federation's direction so what did they do the second time they decided to target Earth?
I already said. Because the Federation was not their sole priority. Just because our perspective as TV viewers is focused on the Federation, that doesn't mean that everything in the entire galaxy revolves around the Federation. There must be a ton of stuff going on elsewhere that has nothing to do with it. The Borg have plenty of other stuff to deal with, and the Federation was just one more remote contact out of, no doubt, thousands at any given time. From our perspective, the UFP/Borg interaction was worldshaking, but from the Borg's perspective, it was just another routine operation, one of many they were dealing with at any given time.

You don't have to be a standout in math to realize that the Borg could probably afford to send a few more cubes in the First Contact film. The Borg sent ten times that much simply to take on Voyager and its crew.
Geography helps too. Voyager was actually in the Borg's home territory at the time, so naturally there were a lot more cubes available close at hand. The Federation is way on the opposite end of the galaxy from Borg space, where their resources are spread far more thinly.

And what does distance have to do with anything? The Borg are all about conquering other races and other societies, adding the conquered's technology to their own collection. By definition the Borg live to seek out new worlds and overtake them. That means lots and lots and lots of travelling. Distance isn't an issue but conquest is a priority...which makes any distance tey have to travel worthwhile.
See above. Yes, the Borg are trying to conquer a lot of territories at once -- but given how huge their established core territory is, the majority of the species resisting them at any given time would be concentrated on their main border, so that's where the majority of their resources and attention would have to be concentrated. The Federation was just one target out of thousands.
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