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A female turian? About time. They better not cheap out and just make it a male model with a female voice.
Going by how they look in the comics, it'll probably just be a normal turian head, probably re-textured and sans the long crest. At most they might make the body a little shorter and/or slimmer.

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Wait - XBox exclusive?
Timed exclusive, according to that article (much like how the Skyrim DLC was). If true, it'll show up on other platforms about a month after the 360 release.
Well that'd be annoying. Honestly, what's the point of timed exclusive DLC? I mean I can't see how it encourages sales; It's not as if a PS3 or PC owner rushing out to buy a 360 and other copy of a game just so they can play DLC a bit earlier.

Mind you has that even been confirmed? Unless I missed something Gamble doesn't mention it and I can find any other sources out there.
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