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Re: Molly Quinn: Babe of the week #42 (Oct. 2012)

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Don't forget...judging the appearance of any girl even one day before her 18th birthday means that you're a disgusting sex pervert.
Not at all. Just that in most of the posted pics, she IS underage. And even without that part, she subjectively LOOKS young, so it's not really putting out the 'sexy' vibe we're trying to judge on. While certainly attractive, having a hard time saying anything past 'cute'. But not cute in the 'girl next door' way, cute in the way you'd think of a daughter or neice.

It kinda depends on the girl. Brittney Spears at 16 or so was putting herself out there as a sex symbol, and looked the part. Molly's photos here are invoking something more protective than lustful...
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