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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

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I mean what do you base your comment about nuWho being about not typecasting and so on?
Well, Donna Noble is certainly not stereotypical Catherine Tate. Astrid and Rose are nothing like pop Stars. The Doctors have mostly been little-knowns, at least since since Tom Baker (It's ony Peter Davison who already had a well known name when he was cast, correct). The folks who've played more than one character are typically very different characters on their second character

Perhaps I was overstating an opinion of how I think it should be, rather than a fact, but, I think there's evidence to support the opinion.

@Judge Death...Hmmm, Mira Furlan as a Romana, that could be very interesting, I imagine it would be a very different take on the character
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