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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

@ Singularity: This is again an first episode dealing with children (with Cold Lazarus which of course had quite a different impact on O'Neill), and even though Jack isn't the focus here, it really shows how well he deals with them. He's not always just the dumb jokster, and the certain softness adds to his character. Granted, Sam knowing nothing would happen cheapens the moment in the bunker, though.

@ Cor-Ai: I think that was the first episode where I really started to appreciate Teal'c, and also Daniel's relationship with him. This is the person who selected Sha're and Daniel fights to exonerate him (even though Teal'c himself didn't want him to).

@ Enigma: I enjoyed the glimpse of other military branches, an advanced race having some kind of Prime Directive (brought on by experience), and the return of the Nox. I'd have prefered if there wasn't some kind love story going on... especially since that theme carries on later.

@ Solitudes: I absolutely love that episode especially because of the twist that the SGC searches for Jack and Sam on another planet when they're right under their noses. Loved especially Daniel and Hammond here. Oh yes, that's absolutely a shipper-episode. *g* (Sam: Uh... sir? Jack: It's my sidearm, I swear.) But is it just my impression that they packed quite a bit of MacGyver's background in here as well? Weren't both stranded in Iraq at one time? BTW, there's an absolutely brilliant blooper on youtube if anyone hasn't seen it already. *g*
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