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Re: Beauty and the Beast is Awful.

I started three threads recently...

"Nashville is Good" "Emily Owens MD" (Which was extremely positive, except that I find beepers ridiculous. Although I did spend ninty percent of the thread shitting and helping other shit on the Mob Doctor.) and "Last Resort is Awesome".

I had positive things to say about Green Arrow and I was Amazed that Red Dwarfs Humour had returned from the grave.

If a show is good, I haven't much to say usually, but this is pilot season and I thought I'd be nice and guide folkes between the shoals and the sand, it's the least I could do.

Imagine the worst episode of Angel Season One, when the blonde cop is trying not to fall in love with that walking fore head... Got that? Now strip the humour and Kung Fu... And that's what we got here, except that the villain of the week was a couple junkie muggers just trying to make ends meet.
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