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Re: Episode of the Week: Haven

Tasha Yar, the character who controls the tractor beam, doesn't consider using the tractor beam.
She doesn't "unconsider" it in any way, either. She just says that a planetary leader's recent request could be accommodated without any inconvenience.

Tell me, how is Picard not telling anyone, including the planet that's at risk, that he does have a plan to prevent the ship from getting into range beneficial?
What an odd idea. Why should anybody assume he lacks a plan? Is it a reasonable assumption that Starfleet doesn't know how to stop a vessel, has never done it before, and will not be able to do it now, either?

Our heroes may sometimes have to explain themselves to the other characters and/or to the audience. But explaining something this routine and self-evident? Doesn't wash.

Essentially, you are asking for a Star Trek hero to explain that he has the ability to stop an attacker by using this clever invention called phaser, or the ability to tell what species the attacker is by using this device known as tricorder, or the ability to reach a planetary surface using a transporter or a shuttlecraft. No such explanations should ever be necessary. And failing to waste everybody's time with them is not "secrecy".

Timo Saloniemi
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