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Jimmy Savile

I've seen this mentioned briefly in other threads, and I realise this will probably go over a lot of non UK heads, but what are people's thoughts about the revelations coming out about Jimmy Savile?

Chris Patten said this week that he always thought he was an odd man, and I'd have to agree, certainly he came across that way when Louis Theroux spent time with him, but I guess most people, me included, just thought he was eccentric.

There's something unsettling about this all coming out after his death, both from the perspective of him not being in a position to defend himself, but also because, if proven, he can't be punished, except by the posthumous destruction of his reputation.

I think the "where's there's smoke there's fire" expression isn't often true, but in this instance it's less about smoke than about whole forests being in flames, given how many people are coming forward, and also the number of people suddenly expressing that it was 'common knowledge' in the entertainment world.

Like I say, I thought he was odd, and in a way the revelations aren't surprising. But then I wouldn't have been shocked either if it'd come out he was gay, or had died a virgin, or was just a natural eccentric.

Probably hard to explain to someone who isn't British, but this guy was such a regular feature on tv for practically my entire childhood (I was four or five when Jim'll Fix It started) and he did so much for charity that however unsurprised I am in some ways, I'm also shocked.

But then (again always inserting the 'if its true' disclaimer) in some ways I'm less shocked that he did it, than that he got away with doing it for at least 40 years!

That's another part of my childhood innocence stamped on.
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