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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

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The running lights on the saucer hull indicate the width of the saucer
Which is an extremity worth indicating. The secondary hull width is not a relevant dimension and would never need marking - indeed, marking it that way would lead to deadly misconceptions as the nacelles represent the true extremity widthwise.

Not that the navigation light system would make any sense in a 3D environment anyway. But if the ion pod is a navigation light, the TOS "system" doesn't even have the merit of emulating the traditional seagoing system.

two "ion pod" running lights near the stern
Or just one, considering the overall lack of symmetry on the ship...
I think we've seen the "mirrored image" of the Enterprise's secondary hull (since we know it would've been filmed as a mirror due to the model's lack of details on that side) that the "running light" would be there also.

But, what if it is some guidance beacon for shuttle approach?

In anycase, it was stupid for the ion pod to be placed there in TOS-R. How does something the size of the running light jeapordize the ship when the other running lights of the same size and protrusion do not?

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And while probably 85% of the average fans understood from WOK that the time difference between "Space Seed" and the second film is 15 Earth years, the Okudas didn't acknowledge this obvious fact when they created their timetable for the Star Trek universe.
Obvious in which sense? Their "Space Seed" and TWoK are set between seventeen and eighteen years apart, which is a good compromise between the conflicting requirements of this episode of TOS being 15 years in the past but TOS in its entirety being 20 years in the past. The movies continued the proud TOS tradition of inconsistency, so compromising was the only possible approach to unifying.
"Space Seed" happens in Season 1.
15 years go by and we have "The Wrath of Khan".
Why is there a need to make this 17 or 18 years instead?

Is it because of the Romulan Ale's "2283"?

2283 is only a problem if you attempt to use TNG/VOY timeline for TOS (2270 being the Voyager established end of Kirk's 5-year mission.) Then again, Voyager's timeline according to "Flashback" also had Tuvok on the Excelsior in ST6 and Valtane dying in Voyager's timeline but not evident in ST6.
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