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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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You can get each Aegis for a bit under 2M if you're lucky (I was wondering the same thing as you just today - one of the pieces was down to 1.4M). To craft it takes this stuff. The commons are only 10 dil each, so that's not even a thing, but the uncommons are 1000 dil each, and go for about 100k EC each on the exchange at present. So as of right now, if you have the other stuff and just get the uncommon mats on the exchange, it is cheaper to craft, but not by a whole lot.

Selling antiproton stuff on the exchange looks like a good profit, even if you get the uncommon mats from there too.
Thanks. I'll think on it some more - I don't put a lot of power into engines so not sure if switching out to hyperimpulse from combat impulse is a good idea anyway, though I'm only 2 power below the point where the combat engine bonus stops in any event, despite setting at 25 power base. Maybe now I'm in the TBBS fleet I'll see if anyone is willing to coddle me through an STF or FA... Are there any which are fairly forgiving of cock-ups or don't mandate optimised builds? I never quite wrapped my head around the "running multiple BOFFs with the same ability" idea, I prefer options!
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