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Re: Top 5 TV theme songs, read the rules before posting.

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This is going to be tough, as pretty much all my favorite themes don't have lyrics. I'll throw some good ones out there though.

1. Greatest American Hero
2. Secret Agent Man (Danger Man in the U.K.)
3. Cheers
4. Mystery Science Theater 3000.
5. Batman (60's)
I like your choices, especially TGAH, Cheers and MST3K. Just which MST3K though? Didn't it change when Mike took over from Joel?
I willfully decided not to deal with that issue. I think there were at least two versions for Mike (One for Forrester and one for Pearl.). I guess I'd go for the early Mike theme that had references to Dr. Forrester and Deep 13. All of them are nice though.
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