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Re: exterior surface markings of Kirk's Enterprise

"If it's a running light, then the original makers of the ship didn't know shit about what they were doing."

@ Timo

Like putting the command center on top of a vessel (the Constellation's had been destroyed according to dialogue in "Doomsday Machine" but that's another thing the TOS-Revisionists overlooked)?

Here is a picture of the location of the running light which became an ion pod emplacement: (also note how the black "1837" letters - another exterior hull enigma - have been retconned to grey compared to the original markings:

Sorry, Timo. The running lights on the saucer hull indicate the width of the saucer and therefore it makes perfect sense to also have two running lights (port and starboard) on the engineering hull. Viewed from below the two "ion pod" running lights near the stern plus the ones in the saucer give a distant viewer in dark space a good idea that there is an obstacle to avoid. Looks to me that Matt Jefferies knew exactly why he was doing that.

"I can understand disagreeing with their decision on this, but I wouldn't say the Okudas, who were heavily involved with TOS-R, were unfamiliar with Trek in any of its incarnations."

@ QuinnTV

All I'm saying is that TOS has never been a strong suit of the Okudas. In their first Encyclopedia they didn't acknowledge the insignia of the Antares, nor the Federation outpost insignia ("Balance of Terror", "Arena"), nor the Romulan crest from "Enterprise Incident".

And while probably 85% of the average fans understood from WOK that the time difference between "Space Seed" and the second film is 15 Earth years, the Okudas didn't acknowledge this obvious fact when they created their timetable for the Star Trek universe.

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