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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Singularity: I was all ready, TWICE during this episode to declare it brave and wonderful and stepping outside the box. But they managed to take two excellent story options and shove them so far back in the box they had to give it a puppy in the end.

First time I honestly thought they were going to let that little girl blow up in the nuke safe bunker. Yes the SG top brass made that decision but I stupidly, hopefully thought it would actually happen. That this would be a horrible tragic story that made me sick to the stomach because it was so much more graphic and in your face than nameless distant Goa'uld deaths. And then Carter decided to stay with her so I knew of course she would not die.

BUT! There was still a chance for greatness. Carter was that close to being my all time greatest hero ever in this because she was going to sacrifice her own life so the terrified child wouldn't be left alone, sealed in with her countdown to exploding. I was in awe of Carter making this decision, it was such a visceral choice. It reminded me of the 9/11 story where a man stayed with his wheelchair bound friend till the end rather than save himself and leave his friend to die alone. And then, FUCK YOU STARGATE they revealed that Carter had made her decision because she suddenly realized that the kid woke up because she was not near the stargate and that she was not going to explode!!

CASSANDRA: Are we going to die?
CARTER: No, we are not going to die.


O'NEILL: How did you know, Captain.
CARTER: It occurred to me that she first slipped into the coma when we brought her close to the Stargate. As soon as we got her far enough away from the Stargate, she woke up, and I knew.

Damn it all to heck. And then they gave it a puppy.

btw this is a very cute dog, I'm wondering if it's a particular breed? Anyone know? Also check out the dog hair covering O'Neill's shirt


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