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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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Of course the Nationals winning would be interesting in that they might not be a great team
They, um, had the most wins of any team in the major leagues this season.
I think the better word might have been overrated. Granted they have a ton of talent, and impressive win today, but I'm not totally convinced they will take this series.
I'm not sure how a team can win more games than any other team and be overrated.

What is true, and has been as long as modern baseball has been around, is that - while you obviously have to be good throughout the season to at least a certain degree in order to get in to the playoffs - the playoffs themselves are less about who is good (i.e. season W/L) and more about who is hot in the moment.

Bummed that my A's couldn't get it done. They seemed on edge during this game, in a way that they didn't last night even though they were losing then too. Perhaps it was simply falling behind against someone SO dominant in Verlander. Still, it was a hell of a run, and next year could be quite interesting.

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