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Re: TNG uniform question.

The small emblems would be both informative and in line with classic military practices (except in high-confusion, low-visibility environments calling for instant recognition, such as pre-20th century battlefields or modern carrier decks, where prominent color coding indeed serves an important purpose).

The uniform colors don't seem to have any information content that would match their extreme prominence, though. In a crisis situation, seeing red tells you exactly nothing: you may see somebody skilled in defending you from the charging Klingon warriors, or somebody who knows how to stop the deadly radiation leak under your console, or somebody who knows how many left foot boots size 6 there are in the inventory. Seeing blue in the battlefield may mean that a medic is approaching you to get your arm reattached, or that an expert in dilithium energizing is coming to ask you for fire cover so that she can return to the beam-up site, or that a herpetologist mistakes your severed arm for an exotic space amphibian. That's not just confusion, that's deadly confusion.

...Perhaps that's the very intent? The enemy is led to believe that a certain color denotes a certain skill set for his opponent - and if he learns to see through the subterfuge, the color scheme is rotated or otherwise shuffled to ensure continuing confusion.

Timo Saloniemi
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